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Free local on site quotes or estimates..  Low or no cost clearances !

Items of value are considered when preparing a quote, often we buy selected items from homes or lock up containers, occasionally we are able to complete a house clearance free of charge. If you are not local to the area but there is access to the property via a neighbour, estate agent, friend or solicitor we are able to collect and return the keys for the purpose of giving a free quote.


  • Appointments and clearances will be completed within your possibly limited time scale.

  • We will keep things simple and uncomplicated in order for the clearance to proceed quickly and efficiently.

  • Valuable items, important paperwork photographs, keepsakes or items left to the beneficiaries for collection at your request.

  • We take care when removing items not to cause damage to the property and keep it secure.

  • Stairlifts carpets fixtures and fittings can be removed if required.

  • Garages & outbuildings can also be emptied of contents.

  • We will ensure that you are fully informed of our progress.

  • Before and after photographs can be provided (generally for non locals).

Fixtures, fittings carpets and curtains are left in the properties we clear unless it is stated by the client that they should be removed. All properties are given a basic clean, swept and secured with the keys returned to the client after completing a full property clearance. We can recommend a professional cleaner if you require a deep clean.

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POWER OF ATTORNEY / Care Home relocation

When making difficult decisions for a family members circumstances, full time care may be required. Property owned or rented will have to be cleared and personal items relocated to a new residence or care facility near by. Usually the Council House Office will give little time to get organised luckily our service will be able to assist with both clearance and relocation, saving the need to contact additional services and ensuring a smooth transition.


Clearing out a loved relatives home can be an emotional and very daunting task, especially if you are not local to the area. Our professional service is here to help you at this difficult time. We are specialists when it comes to a hoarded and untidy houses, Flats or residential accommodation. Councils allow a small amount of time before handover. Hull Movers can remove unwanted furniture in a property quickly and efficiently including pianos carpets and stair lifts if they need to be disposed of. Property will ready for re-sale, renting or handing keys back to the landlord after our experienced operatives have finished. We have cleared many places over the years and have seen practically everything so don't be concerned about getting in touch !

What should I do when clearing an estate?

  • Secure the property.

  • If there is a will, respectfully follow any of the deceased last requests.

  • Gather together any valuable items, important paperwork or keepsakes.

  • Put aside items left to the beneficiaries for collection.

  • After all legal requirements have been met, you may feel it is the right time to go ahead with the clearance of the estate.

  • Bring in a reputed licensed clearance service to get a free estimate for a complete house clearance.

  • You could possibly donate some of the contents to a good cause / anything left over would likely be chargeable from there on.


Hoarded houses & buildings

Over the years a lot of our stuff can accumulate in houses, garages, outbuildings, lofts or even in commercial property. Whether avid collectors, the onset of old age or simply too busy to deal with it. Often it becomes difficult to discard or part with possessions, regardless of their actual value. In our course of work we occasionally come across properties packed with compulsive buying items, clutter, junk and waste. 

Please feel free to contact us for no obligation advice on how to proceed. We are a trusted and experienced clearance service and we deal with family situations on a regular basis and we will be happy to help in any way we can in order to ease your concerns.


The best way to clear a property of unwanted items quickly ..
Are you planning to declutter and dispose of bulky furniture to ready your home for a new sofa, bed or wardrobe? is it time to clear out the old outgrown toys after buying new ones for the kids? Whatever the reason for your tidy up, Hull Movers can help you. Please give us a call for an instant estimate or/and send us a photograph via Email, Messenger or Whats app.

Bin bag / box collections

Occasionally we are called to dispose of quantities of bin bags. Hull Movers bin bag removal service is for people

attempting to clear their own, or a family members property on a budget and will work out cheaper than hiring a skip.

we take unsplit bags that are ready to go and do not contain needles, knives, broken glass (which should be placed in a safe containers to prevent injury to our operatives). We do not take large quantities of building or food waste (typically from commercial clearances).

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