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Have unwanted furniture ?

Require a House Clearance ?



Please use the enquiry form so we can get in touch. Alternatively you may provide a description including detailed photographs of contents for disposal via:

Whatsapp, Messenger or Email.



Require an onsite visit to the property in question at a mutually convenient time. If you would like to arrange a visit Steve can

also answer any questions that you may have.

Unfortunately we no longer offer  a relocation service.

Contact us

Contact Us

Let's Clear Your Space


Our agreement will be with and referred to as the 'client', an agent acting for the client or client acting under the power of attorney. A free inspection may be required in order to assess a property and its contents including unwanted Items deemed to be of value, a quote will be provided verbally or in writing at the request of the client. Any items removed after a quote or estimate has been given will require a further assessment. Items removed from a clearance under instruction from the client will become the property of Hull Movers Services to be disposed as we see fit within the law and in a responsible manner (we will not remove or dispose of asbestos or hazardous waste). Where reasonably possible Hull Movers will endeavor to re-cycle the unwanted goods or waste by sale, to a good cause or to charity. Hull Movers will follow the instructions of the client or acting agent and take extra care not to cause damage to the property or goods being relocated or cleared. Part-payments may be required before work commences, when work is completed full payment via invoice is expected within 7 days of completion except in the case where work is carried out for a company or organization in which case 14 days of completion. Delayed payments over 30 days including the grace period will incur monthly processing charges in accordance with UK Government guidelines

(8% plus the Bank of England base rate).

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