We do not remove hazardous materials such as asbestos (which should only be left to specialists in that field) or large heavy quantities of building or food waste when skip services are required, though we will clear contents from asbestos sheds and garages. 

Every effort is made to recycle goods in order to reduce landfills. We are registered with the Environment Agency as fully licensed upper tier waste operators (official link here) and work on a green recycling policy..  doing our bit to save the environment is very important to us. you may rest assured that any waste will be dealt with in a responsible manner.

What We Recycle

​Hull Movers clearance service recycle furniture, appliances, cardboard, paper, wood, metal, any surplus stock we generate through the year is passed onto various charities or in the case of non-recycle items disposed of at a local waste site. There are no additional costs involved for recycling, in fact we are able to keep your house or commercial clearance costs down, at the same time preventing any additional unnecessary land fill waste.

Fly Tipping

Unfortunately not everyone considers the effect that disposing of rubbish or unwanted furniture from their property can have on them or to the environment and may decide to call in Tom, Dick & Harry to collect their clutter. Turns out the guys they called to take their rubbish have left it in a local picnic area and cleared off home leaving the client to face the consequences. Fly tipping is taken seriously by the authorities and large fines and jail sentences upto 5yrs are now being handed out to fly tippers or anyone connected to the rubbish they find littering the streets and countryside. Be sure to call in a licensed waste carrier and ask for proof before contracting any work!

More Info

Please follow the link here to find government services for more advice on this matter.

Hull Movers waste license details are at the foot of this page, we also carry an official card.

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